Technische Daten/ Technical data           

Electric Arc Furnace 150 ton

Lagernummer / Stocknumber: 09.003

 (Lagernummer bitte bei Anfragen angeben)

Hersteller / Made by: Tagliaferri-Technit

Typ: 150 ton EAF

Baujahr / Year of Construction:  1987



WVD Werkzeugmaschinen

Spielmannstrasse 24

D-35781 Weilburg

Tel. ++49 (0) 6471 322 610




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Technische Daten:



Electric Arc Furnace

Manufacturer Tagliaferri - Technit, new in 1987

Technical specifications:

Capacity 150.0 tons

Average tap 128.0 tons

Tank diameter 6,800.0 mm

Cooled panels height (approx) 2,800.0 mm

Electrode dia 600.0 mm

Electrode diameter circle 1,350.0 mm

Tap to tap 14.6 m

Equipped with:

Tank type – tubular structure manifolds distribution. Panel in copper and steel.

Slag door – w/lateral cooling blocks

Tapping – E.B.T.

Conventional electrode arms

Rood – tubular structure cooled w/3 panels

Charging – 100% scrap

Electrical Consumption: 380 – 390 KWh/ton

Oxygen - 42 m3, Methane: 12 m3

Burners: 2 wall burners separately + 1 EBT

Lance o2/ c KT: 2 + 2

Coal injection: 2 tuyers

Lime injection: 1 lance


The below listed equipment will be renewed during overhauling:

Electrical / electronic control device including - valves bed, Main hydraulic parts, Generation electrode


Subject to Prior Sale




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